Finstek provides financial institutions with a turnkey MT4 White Label solution, which allows them to quickly and efficiently start their own brokerages. With a stable and flexible system in place and the technical know-how from the Finstek team on meta trader 4 offerings, our clients can fully focus on building their businesses and brands to match their client’s expectations.

white label solutions

Who needs this solution?

Finstek offers MT4 White Label Solutions to owners who are looking for:

starting their financial brokerage with a comprehensive solution at a cost-efficient price

focusing on their clients’ needs and saving on set up and maintenance costs

Why Use Finstek's MT4 Solutions?

Turn-key Solutions for Brokerages

Finstek offers a full suite of products and services for brokerages to set up a complete white label solution.

Dedicated Bridging Solution for each White Label Setup

A dedicated Finstek Aggregator will be created as part of the package for each White Label set up, aiming to centralize the resources and optimize the bid/offers from client’s Liquidity Providers.

Fully Managed, Secure and Reliable Infrastructure

Our White Label solutions are deployed on our highly secure servers that are based in key financial data centres in the world, such as Equinix LD4, HK1 and HK3.

24/5 Technical Support

Our multi-lingual technical support is available round the clock to promptly handle all client’s requests.

How does Finstek White Label Solution compare with other providers?

Supported ItemsFinstekBrokerage White Labels
Data Centre LocationLD4, HK1 and HK3Depends
Multiple Access PointsYesDepends
Dedicated Bridging SolutionYesNo
Freedom of Choice of Liquidity ProvidersYesNo
Available on both MT4 and MT5YesDepends
Leased lines between Hosted serversYesNo
Flexible MT4/MT5 resourcesYesNo
Liquidity DistributionYesNo
Multi-Account Manager provided?Optional Depends
CRM provided?OptionalDepends

If you would like to learn more about Finstek White Label Solution, please Contact Us


A White Label solution allows our clients to set up their own brokerage using Finstek’s MetaQuotes Trading Platform resources while having their own branded terminal.

Finstek also offers MT5 White Label Solutions, with a similar setup to MT4. For more information, please Contact Us.

Apart from paper works, the White Label system can be quickly setup within 1 week.
The entire on-boarding process normally takes 3 weeks, including live testing and admin jobs.

Yes. Each of Finstek White Label is connected to a dedicated Finstek Aggregator, which allows our clients to connect and manage one or more platform in one system.

Yes. Finstek team will plan and assist on the setup and migration of your WL system, ensuring a smooth transition.